Monday, January 22, 2007

Well no place to start like the beginning....

Hello everyone,

Starting a blog is a daunting task. What to talk about first? Well a little about me. I'm a postdoc. What is that? Its the officially 'no mans land' between your PhD and a real job. Technically its a blissful utopia where you can do your research without the hinderances of administrative duties. Realistically its a time where people call you 'doctor' (yet not to be mistaken for 'real' doctors- MD's) but treat you like a slave, oh and pay you peanuts. Ah, I love it!!

Other than that I'm a mish-mash of sorts. In my off time I train to do triathlons, where my motto is really, "Slow is the new fast". Yet, how many other people actually do them, and finish them, so I'm pretty pleased.

Oh I guess the other part of my blog will be my foray into the dating world. I really think of me as the Canadian Bridget Jones, without the addiction to cigarettes and the british accent (although my east coast accent should almost qualify). Stay tuned, its always a laugh a minute.


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SteveN said...

very nice... let's see if you keep this up :)