Friday, March 9, 2007

Inside my mind during my morning run...

First off, for all those who have asked, Molly is good. She must read my blog, because by the time I got home with the gloves, she had taken care of herself... We're both happy about that...

So I figured this morning I'd give everyone a peek into my morning run. I run with a Nike+ in my ears, so we can landmark my run by his comments

"Run started":
man, its cold, -16oC. Crap.
The sidewalk is icy.
Man, everything hurts.

"5 minutes completed"
OK, maybe I'm not as slow today as I thought
I'm feeling a bit warmer

"10 minutes completed"
I wonder who is the man behind that voice?
Wow, its a nice day, really sunny
sidewalk is nicer around campus
Who are all these people walking to school before 7:30 am?

"15 minutes completed"
Ok, I'm coming up to that hill... Why do I put a hill in the middle of my run?
It's pretty cold today....

"Half-way point: 17 minutes 30 seconds remaining"
Well, at least I'm on Western Road now, however, I'm panting like a dog after that hill
My legs are cold!

"15 minutes remaining"
Ok, don't run me over, Mr. Car
Slippery sidewalk again
Hmmm, running in Phoenix next week will be much nicer...

"10 minutes remaining"
Going downhill now, much nicer
Opps, icy spot, don't break your leg!
Damn, cramp in my right leg!!
Keep going dammit

"5 minutes remaining"
Almost at the corner of Richmond and Windermere
Close to home
Thank god

"4 minutes remaining"
Thank God I'm almost done!

"3 minutes remaining"
Getting there, although damn, my legs are cold, yet my hands are warm (pull off gloves)"

"2 minutes remaining"
On the bridge.... Man people drive too fast... Look a bus

"1 minutes remaining"
Almost home, running in the parking lot....

"Congratulations you've reached your goal...."
6.25 km done in 35 minutes, pace 5.36 min/km.... a little slow, but done!!


Rosie said...

you don't know me, but I know you!

haha, I'm in Micro and Immunology at Dal working with AWS. Melanie gave me your website. I added you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind.

My husband, Des Pink went to MUN and apparently knows you through his ex, who worked for the grad student union. Small world.....enjoying your can take a boo at mine, but I'm not all that politically correct, but maybe worth a laugh once in a while???

Marianne said...

Great!! Glad to see your comments! Of course I remember Des! I'll be checking out your blog for sure!