Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Seal Hunt: Facts not fiction

To start off, what made me angry was that when I looked up 'harp seal' to get an image, the only ones I could find were the ones like I have posted. Cute, teddy bear like white coats. I'm sorry, thats typical.
I am from a culture that has subsided partially through the seal hunt. I get very frustrated with anti-sealing campaigns. First, let me qualify my opinions. If you are vegetarian, and are against using animals in any format other than in the wild - ok. If you do not eat meat, wear fur or leather or any natural fabric, you don't trap mice or rats in your home, don't step on an ant, and live and walk the talk - I understand that you are against the seal hunt. I don't share your views, but they are consistent with all your veiws. I have no desire to change your views and I accept your rights to have them. Please give me the same consideration in not accepting them.
However, what truly frustrates me are the people who jump on celebrity-driven bandwagons, with no knowlege on what the seal hunt is. The people who wear leather and eat cheeseburgers, all the while commenting how they comment on how 'cruel' the seal hunt is. The people need to stop getting their information from intellectuals such as Pam Anderson and Heather Mills. I don't need to lay out all the reasons why what they are selling is pure crap - all I ask is that you actually read all the information and make a decision based on that - not how cute whitecoats are (the seals that aren't actually hunted by the way). Maybe you also might want to then take a close look at where all your other animal products come from. Closely study how chicken, beef, pork, and leather is produced. Then decide if hunting animals that have been give the opportunity to live their life in the wild if is more cruel. Decide if its the seal hunt, where both meat, fur and organs are often harvested is more barbaric then how mink, or ermine coats are made. Or, if because you don't wear seal fur, have never eaten seal meat, and none of the money in your pocket comes from that industry, that its just an acceptable way for you to appear hip and with it. Grow the hell up.
If you truly want more information, this is a good website that I found. For the record, as a proud Newfoundlander, I don't even pretend to be a little objective on this issue. I think that people who make insane amounts of money need to reconsider their 'causes'. There are plenty of real issues in this world that could benefit from their 'knowledge'.

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Rosie said...

hey, great post. You make some good arguments. My husband tells me that the widespread view that they are still clubbing seals is wrong. like any industry, this one has had to adapt to changing times. The clubbing makes me queasy, but I think as long as its done as humanely as possible, all this hullabaloo is wasted on the cute little fuzzballs ;)