Monday, April 9, 2007

Canada needs its own postdoc association....

So, I've been alluding to this ever since I returned from Berkeley. I was there for the National Postdoc Association (NPA) meeting for the US. They decided to have about 8 of their 250 delegates from Canada, which I think was great! What I learned there was that the organization of postdocs in the US has greatly affected how they are treated there. Issues that we have been dealing with at UWO (and from what I hear many other Canadian institutions) they just have sorted out. Now their system isn't perfect either, but its head and shoulders above what we have. That appears to be because they sought to lobby the funding agencies, and once they got them on side, the institutions followed suit. Thus, we need a Canadian version of NPA. I'm not just saying this, I more than plan of helping to get it done. The delegates that attended the meeting are already talking, and my being located in Ottawa may give me a distinct advantage. So, stay tuned, we're coming on board!!

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