Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boy hunts massive pig... Wow.

So today I find this on the Internet. An 11 year old boy in Alabama hunts and bags this massive hog. Weighs in at over 1000 pounds. Wow. I was speechless. I had to show the picture because this thing is huge! I had no idea that pigs even made it to this size. I got the link to a website that the boy's father set up about it (notice its on the photo should you want to take a look). I was curious and went in for a look. I grew up in a family that hunted, so I have no moral objection to it in the least. My dad and brother always did, and they hunted for food, not the pleasure of killing. We ate what they brought back, and in most cases it was the better meat than could be bought. So, that's my bias. I don't feel that makes me some kind of redneck. I don't personally hunt, but have in the past taught marksmanship to cadets, and have learned that marksmanship is a valuable skill that is not about killing or injuring but teaches confidence and discipline and focus. When I went onto this website, the dad had posted some of the negative comments (as well as positive ones)that people have sent him and his son. These are vile and sadistic letters to be written to a 11 year old boy. They are personally insulting and wish him great harm. That makes me mad. Humans have historically been hunters and gatherers. I don't see how someone who hunts is a bad person. The hunted animal has lived a full life in its natural habitat and hunters often (but not always) take care to humanely hunt and kill these animals. I also took offense to the line drawn between hunters and people who choose to go into a school and kill people. That is simply ridiculous. How is hunting that more cruel than the purpose of 'farming' animals to butcher? Those animals grow up in artificial and managed facilities, and still die. Meat does not end up in a grocery store magically. Again, to those who are vegetarian, I understand you believe all meat is wrong, and I again, respect your right to believe that, and personally do not agree. But again, I don't see how threats and insults prove any one's point. I mean why pick on a child doing a legal activity, while people admire and pay money to see coked out, drunk stars in Hollywood drive around in expensive cars and potentially kill people because they are too stupid to realize that they don't own the world. And to the kid, that is something to remember for the rest of your life. Wow.

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