Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Publish or perish.... Meh.

The mantra of Science as a career, is 'publish or perish'. You're only as good as the number of papers that have your name on it. Based on this, you'd think that I'd be writing furiously all the time. Nah. I just finished a paper that's gone to my supervisor for revision, so you think I'd take this time to start on the next one, happy that there is another in the pipeline. Meh. Some days I just don't have the energy. I should be doing it. I need to be doing it. I probably will do it after I blog. Some days its an uphill battle ... I have now read every PhD Comic (Piled higher and deeper, from where I lifted the above comic), and caught up on all my email and everything else I can feasibly get away with. Now, I have to write. Ugh. OK.