Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Challenge to the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador...

Dear Newfoundland and Labrador;

I am your native son, well actually daughter, but you get the idea. I want to come home. My family is there, and there is nothing more important to me in life than my family. My nieces are getting bigger and I'm missing them grow up. I miss the salt air, the rugged coastline, the calm water, the horrible weather.

My dear province, I have much to give to you. I went to school, and I got a PhD. I now work on ways to help people with cancer. I think I'm just the sort of Newfoundlander that you would want squarely back on the Rock. However, it has yet to happen. I want to be patient, but that's not my nature. If it was, I may have listened to everyone who told me that a little girl from rural Newfoundland should just do something easier.

Our leaders do a lot of talking about 'bringing Newfoundlanders home'. I have heard it, but I have not seen it put into action. I see Memorial University of Newfoundland with very few professors born and raised in Newfoundland, despite the numbers of us that hold PhD's. In the six years I attended MUN, I can count the number of profs that I had that were native Newfoundlanders on one hand. I see biotech companies sprout up and receive massive government funding, yet hire qualified people from 'away' over qualified from home.

There is a provincial government election this year. I want to come home, and I want to enhance the economy of my province. I don't need anyone to GIVE ME A JOB. I have plenty of drive, ambition, stubbornness and talent to get one for myself. All I am looking for is a CHANCE - a foot in the door to my own HOME.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


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Rosie said...

Des and I would be back in a minute if there were good jobs there. We love it.