Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dissappointed but not surprised...

This is the news today

Basically, Vinokourov was found blood doping.

What?! The Tour de France, remember? Vino was doing an inspiring, if not win worthy job. Early in the race, he was in a spectacular crash, and was riding with stitches in both knees and one elbow. Everyone had written him off. Then he comes back out of no where to win a sprint stage... Then the next day, he falls of the end. Then the next day he wins a stage again. Oh, the drama. I was actually thinking how strong and resilient this guy was, and how I was sorry that I didn't pick him for my pool. Then, he gets caught using someone else's blood. OK, so he was in 23rd place. So what...

Well I have come to love cycling, and the Tour de France. I hate that to be good, you have to use chemical or biological extras. That pisses me off. It puts every rider who doesn't at a distinct disadvantage to those who do. That's sad.

Is this about the TDF? Nah, every sport has its doping and its come to light in this race because they've made a pact to jump on it, thereby testing far more than other sports. You think there isn't doping in hockey, baseball, basketball or any other professional sport? Get your head out of the sand.

So, what is sport teaching those who love it? That you need to cheat to win? That the nice guy finishes last? If that's the lesson, we need new heroes. We need new people to look up to. And we need to stop rewarding the cheats.


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