Wednesday, July 11, 2007

look at the size of that thing!!

Looking for something to blog on today, I went to the news. Nothing in particular caught my interest until I saw this article in the 'diversion' section of CBC.

Its a story about a 'whopper' giant squid that washed up onto the shore in Australia. This beast was as long as a bus and weighed about 550 pounds. Crazy.

I've always been fascinated by giant squid. Growing up in Newfoundland, they are certainly the thing of lore. Everyone has a story of an encounter with a squid, big or not. A particularly funny one from my family was when my big brother got 'inked' right in the eye by one, when he was just a wee chap. But that was only the normal sized one. Still, always a funny visual. I wish I had a picture of that.

The largest giant squid ever recorded washed up on Newfoundland on November 2, 1878. It was 55 feet long, and still holds the record as the biggest ever recorded. The photo above is a replica of that squid in Glovers' Cove, NL. I've never been there, but now I want to go see it. I did my Biology degree at Memorial, and one of the stories that sticks out from my whole undergraduate career was told by Dr. Pickavance, who lectured Invertebrate Biology. Supposedly the eye from that Giant Squid caught off of Newfoundland was preserved and now lives in the bowels of the Biology Anatomy labs. Dr. Pick (as he was known) told us that he's seen it, and its seen him... Squid eyes are notoriously large, and this eye is humongous!!! He said that it creeped him out - that no matter where he went in the room that eye was following him. I've always wanted to see that, and I never did, not even when I was a TA in that course... Maybe someday.

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