Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best in show.... the beagle!!

Congratulations to "Uno" the winner of 'Best in Show' at the Westminster Dog Show in New York. It's the first time in the Dog Show's history that a Beagle has won best in show. I've always been an animal lover, and had a soft spot for Beagles as my Dad has bred them in the past. We still have several at home. I love these dogs, and I got caught up watching this dog show when I saw the beagles. It was worth staying up late to see Uno, who was obviously the crowd favorite win. When he heard the crowd cheering he broke out in his response... Baying... It was awesome! I love dogs, but this just solidified for me that if I am ever to own one in the future, I'd go with a beagle. Now, I'd have to wait, as my cats woundn't be too happy about it, nor would my latest addition, a 4 year old ferret. But someday.

They are great dogs. They are a bit noisy, and need some training to keep them in line. But they are bar NONE the cutest puppies in the world, and are so loving and a huge part of a family. I'm looking for a dog to be a running partner, and a beagle would be awesome... Small enough to curl up with you on the couch, but big enough to play.

However at home, beagles aren't always treated that well. We bred beagles as hunters (of rabbits) and one of the reasons we stopped is that we no longer felt that we could ensure good and stable homes for our dogs. Some people (who I have no respect for) will get a dog and use it to hunt and then either abandon or mistreat it once it has served its purpose. These people aren't fit to have a pet in my opinion. Luckily at home in Newfoundland there are Beagle Paws (click HERE to see their website), an organization that rescues and places Beagles. If you really want to support a great organization, this is one I would recommend.

Congrats UNO!! Beagles rock!


SteveN said...

Lab mixes aren't too bad either!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I was going to write something similar. Will check this blog more often I think.