Friday, February 22, 2008

Canada's Disregard of Science

Today this article appeared on the CBC website.

The journal Nature (which for all the non-science type) is basically the pinnacle of all scientific journals, talks about Canada's lack of support for science in general, particularly that of the Conservative Government. Since they have been in power, they have fired their science advisor, and disregarded the science on many different decisions in favor of their agenda (i.e. Kyoto accord, Chalk River nuclear site).

Why does Canada need strong support of Science? Well, think of what you want of your country. Research like what I do does not happen in Canada by Canadians unless the government supports Science. Your next treatments for cancer, HIV, arthritis, the common cold, all does not progress if our government does not put an emphasis on Science. Decisions on your health and welfare should not be made only on the opinion of politicians, but should be in the consult of experts in the given feild. Despite their own opinions, they are not experts on everything... Do you want your elected official making uninformed decisions on your health care, nuclear safety, sustainability of the fishery, farming methods, ethics of stem cell cloning, safety of drugs?

Obviously I have a stake in this. I have spent my life training to be a scientist. And told all the way through that I was needed in this country. Now, with a change of government, I am no longer a good commodity here. Sad.

How many reasons do we need to make a change? There HAS to be a better way.

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Rose Pink Photography said...

didn't they just fire one of the scientific consultants that protects consumers too? Or at least not renew the contract? I mean this is someone who issues warnings about tainted food and products etc. Even in the intellectual vacuum of the US government there is still a lot of funding for science. Are we headed that way? The more I think of it, the more I believe our govt is bordering on authoritarianism and basically reducing itself to intellectual vacuity.