Monday, February 4, 2008

My first time... skating on the Rideau Canal

Yesterday I did something that should be officially mandated as a rite of passage while living in Ottawa - skating on the Rideau Canal. I have had my skates with me as I've moved from place to place, but this is the first time in many years that I've had the opportunity to use them. So, I decided that since I would be downtown at church, instead of taking the bus home, I'd walk to the canal and skate home. I also forgot my bus pass so I couldn't chicken out.

Around noon on a sunny Sunday, the canal was pretty packed, and I was worried about ending up promptly on my posterior. I got to the canal and got my skates on and up on them. Man, I don't remember skating being so hard!! I shuffled along for a bit and got my bearings. The ice surface was much better than the pond where I skated as a kid. I also don't remember it being such a workout!! By the time I skated the about 3k to my exit, I was wiped!! I'm also acknowledging that maybe my skates need a good sharpening. But thats on the top of my list. Skating is such a freeing thing... and as a good workout, its probably great cross training!!

I plan to do more skating on the canal. If you ever get the chance... Do it!!

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