Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Newfoundlander and proud, yet again


The argument that I hear over and over again, is that Newfoundland is somehow less of a province, because of it 'have not' status.

Well SUCKERS.... Despite the federal government's broken promises, despite out migration, despite 'Newfie' jokes... Our province is set to become a HAVE province.

Well, well, well.... its ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME!!! To all of the ignorant people across this country who believe that Newfoundland is filled with lazy, unproductive, EI collecting has-beens, how do you explain this?!

In reality, Newfoundlanders are a proud group of extremely hard working people. We will do anything, ANYTHING, to get ahead for ourselves and our families. This often requires packing up and going to the work. In the past this has been Toronto, and more recently Alberta. I can only hope that this change in our financial outlook will start bringing these people (including myself, incidentally) HOME!!

So, as to everyone else, stand up and take notice. When other areas of the country are predicting 'economic slowdowns', we're predicting surpluses, and paying down debt. Not bad, for a bunch a "Newfies".....

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