Monday, March 1, 2010

Canada and the Olympics


So the 21st Winter Olympics are done! I must say that I really enjoyed watching the games this year. Of course, being Canadian, and having the games in my home country, it really did fill me with a sense of pride. This is my two cents worth on the games.
  • I think the games went well. The events were fun to watch, and the athletes for the most part participated with respect and dignity. No games are perfect, and we were a perfect example.
  • I feel so sorry about the luge athelete from Georgia. My thoughts are with his family and country and we his name will be ever tied to these games
  • I'm very proud of my country. I guess that might be a surprise to some people in the world, this surge of nationalism, but not to me. We didn't need to 'own the podium', although I think that funding for sport is a good thing for all Canadians. We need to focus on sport and play and getting off our collective butts. And we can do good things. I think the Americans and Germans, who got more medals than we did, also did a fantastic job, so kudos. But we also got more medals than we ever have, and more golds than anyone in history. We need to celebrate that as our victory.
  • Is there anything better than that Gold medal Hockey game?! It was a nail biter and really fun to watch. And I'm not really a big hockey fan. 
  • I will miss watching this every night, but look forward to the paralympics games in a couple of week.
It's been a blast so thanks to the world for coming and to Vancouver for hosting. See ya in 2014 in Russia!

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