Friday, April 4, 2014

Moving in a new direction

So since I've decided to revisit the 'Eternal' (now in quotes, as I am no longer officially a) Postdoc, I have to go about this blog a little differently. I hope to focus on the best parts of my old blog, talking about political issues, life issues, science career progression and outreach. To that end, I went through and did a hard edit of my old posts. The ones that are left are ones I think are the most relevant. I hope in the next couple of weeks to revisit some of my more popular posts, the first being, "PhD vs MD" which has by far generated the most discussion. You may be surprised what I have to say now.

I also have decided on some 'new rules'

1. I won't talk about my job: Although I love my company, its science and my position there, this is not the forum in any way to discuss the science we do there. As a company, and due to my position within it, things I say would be construed as being a 'company position'. This is my personal blog, and the opinions expressed are my own only. If you know me and know my company, the best place to get information about it is on its website. Or talk to me.

2. My family: As such a big part of my life, parenting is bound to come up. But I will talk in generalities and attempt not to use personal details. The internet has changed quite a bit since the inception of this blog. My son will have plenty of reasons to be embarrassed by my antics in years to come so a search coming up with a blog about him when he was a toddler shouldn't be one of them. I have to come up with a cool nickname for him - I had the nickname of "Sprout" for him when he was in utero, maybe I'll use that.

Other than those two - all bets are off! I'm known for being blunt, and will continue to be. I may have tempered some opinions with age and experience, but I still have plenty of things to say. A quick stat count indicated almost 62,000 views of the blog so far - small beans I know, but a lot for me. I appreciate that someone is listening to what I have to say!

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