Thursday, April 3, 2014

Resurrecting the blog - time to catch up

So, its about time for an update, don't you think?

A lot has happened in the approximately 3.5 years since my last post. I think I'll give a rousing update, and then in the next couple of months, I hope to return to what I loved about blogging. I have missed it, but sometimes that thing called life gets in the way. I was surprised to see that people are still reading!

1. Postdoc, no more! After my last post, I continued to interview for academic positions. I also looked at my other options. In a long story that it probably suitable for another time, I ended up with two offers at once, one for a tenure-track academic position, and another for a director level position at a small biotech. After much consideration, I took the biotech position and I have been in my new city, in my new job since October 2010. It was the right decision for me. It has, altered my opinion on many of the things I have written in the past, and I hope to 'update' some of my older posts with things I've learned.

2. Auntie, and now.... mommy! The other major life event that occurred just after starting my new job, was equally as exciting - parenthood. Our son was born in 2011. He is everything. He'll probably poke up now and again in my re-vamped blog. Parenting changes your opinion about many things. It also galvanized my belief that science is important. I try to parent based on a combination of brain and gut.

3. Training... still! I haven't done many triathlons since moving east, but I still train, and I still race. Mostly running at the moment. Training for a 10k in May. Most of my complaints around that are my body rejecting continuing exercise!

I still have plenty to write about, and I'm as opinionated as ever. Maybe even more so.

It's good to be back.

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